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At Defiance we are guided by values that are at the core of our corporate philosophy, and believe in doing things with our own unique stamp.

As we grow, our vision is to be one of India’s largest seamless and knitwear manufacturers; to build a customer-centric company of excellence and expertise where buyers can find, discover, and source quality garments while we continue to invest in our people and our planet.

Sudhir Vora

Chairman, Defiance Group

About Us

With over 35 years experience in the garment industry, Defiance has established itself as a leading manufacturer of knit garments, with expertise in inner-wear and core styles.

Located just a short drive from India’s heart and financial centre of Mumbai, we are in the advantageous position of being in close proximity to Nhava Sheva Port with the world at our doorstep.


For the market that is constantly evolving, cost-effective and time-conscious manufacturing is essential to adapt to late breaking changes. We are committed to working hand-in-hand with our customers, sourcing partners, and employees to extract the best possible value from the supply and production chain to offer a high-quality, well-rounded final product.

Image by Chetan Kolte
Phase 1 of our new seamless plant houses 60 Santoni knitting machines and top of the line Flainox dyeing machines.


Defiance is a one-stop shop for knit garments; we offer customers a wide range of knitwear in both seamless and cut & sew. With a strong sourcing base right from fibre to the best quality trims and accessories, we have a solid foundation to service customers across the world with a mix of in-house production and strategic alliances.


In late 2022, we launched Phase 1 of our new Seamless plant. Seamless knitting technology offers considerable advantages to apparel over the manufacturing methods of cut & sew. Since the entire conversion process done in-house, our production and quality control can be monitored and held to the highest standard from start to finish. 

Our state-of-the-art facility is powered by Italian technology from Santoni (knitting) and Flainox (dyeing and tumbling).  Spread over 2450m2, with additional space for warehousing, offices, utilities and sewing, our seamless plant can support 120 knitting machines on a plug and play basis with plenty of room to grow.

Cut & Sew

At Defiance we specialise in quality assurance and engineered production systems across core knit styles. With smaller sewing modules and shorter lead-times, we operate on a low WIP philosophy for precision manufacturing. Our multi-tiered production process is set up to eliminate error, expedite production, and set quality benchmarks. 

Every stage of the process, from yarn procurement to packaging the finished product, undergoes strict testing to achieve the best quality product possible. Our ‘right first time’ commitment to quality and consistency leads to our target of a 99%+ outgoing quality level, while maintaining stringent AQL and OQL levels 


From Design to Delivery

Defiance offers the complete package from design to delivery. Our design and development capabilities coupled with our commitment to R&D enable us to offer new and special finished fabrics, along with an exclusive range of garments to customers. With strong technical abilities in various softwares, our designers and skilled sampling team are able to focus on creating new developments in fabric, silhouette, prints, and more.

By keeping a keen eye on global trends, we offer fresh ideas to our customers in anticipation of what will come next. We then provide a solid foundation to take these developments further and turn them into finished products according to our customer’s requirements. 


Dozens monthly

cut & sew capacity


Seamless garments

annual capacity


In-house trained




Responsibility begins with us.

We live in a world where climate change is a harsh reality; weather patterns have changed globally, and yearly droughts, floods, and other natural disasters are occurring with more frequency. Although we are located in a region with plentiful rainfall and a consistent power supply, as a company, we actively pursue methods to reduce our impact on the environment.


A primary focus of Defiance is to reduce our dependance on fossil fuels and natural resources, and focus on renewable energy. Sustainability is paramount to us, and we believe being socially and environmentally responsible is not only good for people and the planet, but is essential to the long-term sustainability and growth of our business.

Barvi_Dam_Badlapur,_Thane_District_3 copy.jpg

95% Water Recovery

Defiance has set up a ZLD system on premises, capable of treating 250,000 litres of industrial wastewater daily, reducing our requirement of freshwater by a staggering 95%. We also have Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) at both units which treat and recycle wastewater.


Solar Power

We have been successfully running a 225kW solar project on the roof of DKI Apparel since 2017. Combined with the latest inverters, we are able to power our sewing process via solar energy, and off- hours generation provides renewable energy to the state power grid.

Colorful Threads

Raw Materials

All aspects of our production use the highest-quality and most ecologically-friendly raw materials possible. We also support and help develop the use of recycled materials in our products, and work to ensure that the majority of our waste materials don’t end up in landfills.


We believe in empowering women to achieve their potential while gaining social and socio-economic upliftment, and adding additional breadwinners to struggling families. We prioritize employing unskilled, unemployed women and developing their knowledge and abilities required through in-house training, and as a result we have 100% women tailors. By working with NGOs we are able to offer employment to women from troubled backgrounds, single mothers, and those from rural areas. Women empowerment has always been a primary focus for us, and through the years, Defiance has performed skill development in thousands of local women in the community. 


Building tomorrow’s workforce is a major focus of our CSR initiatives, and that begins with children. At Defiance, we are proud of all the women we employ and, in turn, the families that we support.  A recurring enrichment program provides free school supplies to all the children of our workers at the beginning of every school year to encourage education amongst the youth. In addition to this, we have adopted and sponsor a small school in the community that teaches underprivileged tribal children. We also work closely with educational institutes in the area to offer practical training to students across fabric and garmenting, helping them grow and expand their opportunities within the industry.


Social responsibility doesn’t stop with our employees. Defiance has always endeavored to foster a sense of community, be it through our annual Defiance Day celebrations for all our employees, or sponsoring a Sports Day every year on Republic Day. We find that contributions that reach out to the wider community, especially to children, have the effect of boosting morale and good-will.


Defiance encourages a healthy working environment and conducts Cancer Awareness and Early Detection Screening campaigns at zero cost. Our employees are tested and diagnosed for common forms of cancer with a focus on the high-risk areas for India (mouth/throat cancer because of tobacco and nicotine consumption). Healthcare resources are rarely, if ever, available and diseases such as cancer are largely untouched topics of discussion in the community. We have also started a campaign titled “Eat Well, Be Well, Live Well!” with the objective to create awareness on Nutrition, Health, and Hygiene and how adjusting a few habits can protect them from various diseases and create a better living environment for themselves and their families. 


Our facilities are accredited with global social, environmental, and security norms, and we are proudly featured on many buyers’ best-practices lists.

We wear the badge of a socially-responsible service provider with great pride and are committed to the principle that the people who make our clothes should be treated with dignity and respect, and to this end, we aim to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees.


Get in Touch

Defiance Knitting Industries Pvt. Ltd.

K-6 Addl. Ambernath Industrial Area

MIDC, Anand Nagar,
Ambernath (E), Mumbai 421 506
Maharashtra, India

Find us on Google Maps here


To apply for a job with us please send a cover letter together with your CV and contact information to:

We will reach out to you with any relevant opportunities that arise.

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