All our facilities are accredited with global social, environmental, and security norms, and we are proudly featured on many buyers’ best-practices lists.


Community Outreach & Enrichment

Defiance believes in empowering women to achieve their potential while gaining social and socio-economic upliftment, and adding additional breadwinners to struggling families. We prioritize employing unskilled, unemployed women and developing the knowledge and abilities required through in- house training, and as a result we have 100% women tailors. By working with NGOs we are able to offer employment to women from troubled backgrounds, single mothers, and those from rural areas. Women empowerment has always been a primary focus for us, and through the years, Defiance has performed skill development in thousands of local women in the community. 

We place great importance on the well-being of our employees’ families. A recurring enrichment program provides free school supplies to all the children of our workers at the beginning of every school year to encourage education, along with educating the workers on the importance of education. In addition to this, we have adopted a school in the community that teaches underpriveliged children. We also work closely with educational institutes in the area to offer practical training to students across fabric and garmenting, helping them grow and expand their opportunities within the industry. 


Health & Awareness

Defiance encourages a healthy working environment and conducts Cancer Awareness and Early Detection Screening campaigns at zero cost. Our employees are tested and diagnosed for common forms of cancer with a focus on the high-risk areas for India (mouth/throat cancer because of tobacco and nicotine consumption). Healthcare resources are rarely, if ever, available and diseases such as cancer are largely untouched topics of discussion in the community. 


Environmental Sustainability

As a company, we actively pursue methods to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our team endeavours to constantly reduce the water and utility consumption of our facilities, and manufacture in an ecologically-sustainable way with in-house effluent treatment. We have started water recycling and are gearing up for zero liquid discharge in 2017. 

In another exciting step forward, we are about to invest in solar power for reducing our requirement on non-renewable energy sources and transform the way we work. 

All aspects of our production use the highest-quality and most ecologically- friendly raw materials possible. Whether it is performing strict testing on chemicals and colorants to ensure that our finished products will have no harmful effects, or using organic and natural products, and biological processes with bacteria and enzymes in place of harsh chemical treatments to finish natural fabrics, Defiance is focused on managing and reducing our environmental footprint in a socially-conscious manner