We strongly believe in upholding ourselves to international standards in all aspects of the industry.  



Every stage of the process, from yarn procurement to packaging the finished product, undergoes strict quality testing to achieve the best quality product possible. We maintain the most stringent AQL levels in the industry for both sewing and packaging. 

All our facilities are accredited and certified with global social, environmental, and security norms. We are proudly featured on many buyers’ best-practices lists and have received awards in recognition of our efforts and achievements. 


Manufacturing & the Supply Chain

For the market that is demanding and constantly evolving, cost-effective and time-conscious manufacturing is essential to adapt to late breaking changes. Defiance is a one-stop shop for knit and woven garments, with a strong sourcing base right from the fiber to the best quality trims and accessories. We are committed to working hand-in-hand with our customers, sourcing partners, and employees to extract the best possible value from the supply and production chain to offer a well-rounded product to our customers. 

Having invested in upgrades and new technology across the board, our aim is to not only deliver the highest quality product in a timely fashion, but to also create transparency and speed of information exchange between our customers and us. 

Product Development

Defiance offers the complete package with a fully vertically integrated process from design to delivery. Our design and development capabilities coupled with our commitment to R&D enable us to offer new and special finished fabrics along with an exclusive range of garments. Backed by teams with strong technical ability, our designers, who are well versed in a variety of software including Adobe CS and Lectra, are able to focus on creation and showcase new developments in fabric, silhouette, prints, and more.

By keeping a keen eye on global trends, we are able to offer fresh ideas to our customers in anticipation of what will come next. We then provide a solid foundation to take these developments further and turn them into finished products according to our customer’s requirements. 

Specialized operators